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The DERMA project

DERMA was an EU Interreg 2 Seas project led by Dr Iain Allan whilst working at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Devices, University of Brighton (UK). The project consortium included researchers from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Portsmouth (UK), the Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Research Group at Ghent University (Belgium) and the French healthcare tech-transfer agency, Eurasanté.

The project team developed new materials for the improved management of chronic dermal ulcers - wounds which impose a great burden on society. The team produced materials intended to tackle the problem of unpleasant wound malodour, and materials designed to deliver antimicrobial agents to tackle wound infections with improved efficiency. A material that changes colour in the presence of bacteria was also developed. If approved for future clinical use, this could enable the detection of emerging wound infections, allowing earlier clinical intervention before the wound condition deteriorates.

For further information please scroll through the project brochure below.

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